These essays will all be centered around personal objects that in some way reflect relationships with others and myself. I will be focusing on select objects and tracing their history and how it is a larger metaphor for how I perceive the world. These items are not specific to just myself; everyone has the same article of clothing or the household item, but the task I will be attempting is shifting the familiar to the personal. These are the three objects that I would like to begin writing the essay collection with (and after writing these essays, I may realize I want to focus on something specific like clothes, cooking utensils, etc.): 

  1. The White Flannel—This essay will reflect my relationship with my body through the context of a flannel that I have owned for years. The flannel is from L.L. Bean, size large, and it used to be a staple piece in my wardrobe for years. After some time, I gave the sweatshirt to a friend, and when I had gotten it back months later, I never wore it again. I want to focus on two timelines in this essay, pre-giving it away and post-giving it away. These timelines will reflect my progress with how I’ve become more comfortable with my body (I.e., donating all the clothes that I wished my body would fit comfortably in and replacing them with clothes that make me feel comfortable). This essay will move from the cultural history of flannels to the personal experience I had with this clothing apparel. 
  1. The Headphones—This essay will reflect the relationship with my sister through the context of a pair of headphones I lost. The headphones were left at a softball field in Concord NH, the whole family was there to support the youngest sister at a softball tournament. After my sister and I got in an argument, I forgot them at the field and they were lost.  
  1. The Bottle Opener Keychain—This essay will reflect my relationship with my father through the context of a bottle opener keychain he gave me in the sixth grade. I have had it on my keychain ever since as a sentimental object. The first time I ever used it was when I was 21, and it immediately broke while opening the bottle. There is something poetic in this metaphor of the keychain and my father’s relationship that I want to highlight. I would like to add more to this essay than just telling a linear (short) story, any suggestions would be helpful. 

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